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A Birthday Tribute   / Nany (Grandmother)
My Dearest Grandson Justin, I remember so well your birth 21 years ago today. It was so special but no where near as special as you. You brought 14 memorable years into our lives. Oh the fun, joy, excitement and LOVE you gave us. It all fil...  Continue >>
From: "pretty pretty girl"   / Michele Pacheco (Friend/neighbor)
Last night i went on my first date, to prom. My date was a classmate of mine, Adam. When i met his mom and she said "has he asked you to prom yet?" i began to cry, with joy. my mind flashed back to my first day in this small town new school...  Continue >>
~ Keeping you in Prayer at This Difficult Time ~   / Auntie Carol (I LOVE U JUSTIN!!! )
In the love of God may we find strength and peace. In the prayers of family and friends, may we find comfort and LOVE ~ XOXO MISS YOU SO DEARLY JUSTIN!!!!
Thinking of you Justin - JJ   / Deb Briody (Friend)
Justin have been thinking of you but haven't visited your website for awhile.  Was driving James to school today the same car had been in front of us for miles finally I noticed its personalized license plate -- it said "Think JJ&...  Continue >>
I'll Paint You A Rainbow   / AC (Great Aunt )
I'll paint you a rainbow to hang upon the wall to brighten up your heart when grey shadows fall. On a canvas joy outlasting through the years with a soft brush of sweetness to dry up all your tears. I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of sweet smile...  Continue >>
A special soul  / Shoni Gussman-Kern (Friend)    Read >>
Your Love and Warm Smile Endures  / Nany (Grandmother)    Read >>
Happy 18th Birthday!!!!  / Jolley 5. Love You Always! (In our hearts forever! )    Read >>
Nov:Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Have Left Us  / Nany (Grandmother)    Read >>
Justin's Smile  / Deb Briody (Friend)    Read >>
Hello from Desert Hills  / Susan McIver (Friend)    Read >>
A Birthday without You  / Nany (Grandmother)    Read >>
sweet Justin  / Aunt Kirsten     Read >>
i miss you  / JESSICA Lil Sis     Read >>
My Heart Shell - Thank you!  / AC     Read >>
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His legacy
Justin Loved Baseball, Videos, Rocks, and Socks!!  
Justin left behind a video collection that fills his entire closet. He owns every Air Bud, Flipper and dog movie made. Justin has every Lassie series ever made. He loved his movies and he knew where everyone kept their collections.

Justin had an extensive rock collection. He collected rocks from every outing we took. He just loved to look for heart rocks with his Aunt Cathi. He also collected crystals, minerals and gemstones and he would sit for hours and identify them them in his many "rock" books. 

Justin left behind a baseball legacy. He played ever since he was 5 years old. He started playing T-ball in Los Gatos Little League. Then we moved to Hollister and he joned the Hollister Little League Challenger Division in California and in Arizona he contnued to play wth the High Desert Litttle League Challenger Division. Baseball was one of his true passions. He would sit and watch the games on TV from 2 years old on. After watchng the games he would go out and copy the pros.  Lefty all the way!   

Last but not least was Justin's sock legacy. Justin loved to collect socks from all of the Jolley family drawers. They would find socks in pots and pans and it was not just an Arizona sock collection. Every house he entered he would find everyone's infamous "lost sock pile". This legacy began at a young age, when Danielle started teaching him how to "sort and classify". 

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